Rail Planner not letting me choose my start date

  • 14 June 2022
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I’m supposed to travel on 13/07/2022 but when I go to choose my start date in the Rail Planner app I am only able to pick a start date from the 16/07/2022 onwards. I’ve emailed customer support about this but they seem to be taking at minimum three weeks to get back to any query which doesn’t leave me a lot of wiggle room. I’ve tried removing my pass and re-adding and no luck, anyone have anything else I can try???


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3 replies

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That is strange. Have you checked if there's an app update? App version should be 23.3.0, check under More and scroll to the bottom.

Are earlier dates not selectable? Can you post a screenshot?

I did try to upload a video of it flicking back down to the 16th whenever I try to choose 13th or anything before really, but no luck, they’re greyed out on my screen hopefully that’s clear on these photos. I also have the latest app version, having deleted it and re downloaded  it just this morning. 


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This is very strange. There was an app update a few days ago (24.0.0 iPhone, 24.0.1 Android), so could you try it with that version?