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Hi I am trying to reactivate my pass onto my new phone, customer services have deactivated or un-linked it from my old phone but every time I put my name and pass number in and try to add my pass it says I’m offline but I am definitely connected to the internet. Thank you for your help.


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Check if airplane mode is on. Restart the phone. Check this article.

Other than that, ask customer support. And let us know how it was resolved (since we've seen this a few times already).

Thank you for the advice. Thankfully I resolved it by deleting the app and reinstalling it. I actually went back to were I bought my new phone from and they helped me, they said the app probably had a bug. Hope this helps anyone else with this problem. 

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Ah yes, I forgot to mention to check for updates or remove and reinstall the app. Good it worked for you, thanks for letting us know.