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I already tried to reach out to Interrail via mail, but there was one reply more than a week ago. They sent an automatic reply and ask if my concern is still ongoing. I immediately replied and told them about my concern again. Since then nobody reached out for me. 

My problem is, my connected ID is not mine of my home country it is the residence permit of switzerland. I wanted to use Zürich as my place to stay during the Interrail. But on my first trip, when I actived my online pass, I had to connect my residence permit, since my german passport was at home. Now I cannot use any trains in Switzerland anymore because of in and outbound. 


It would be really keen, if anyone would be able to tell me how to reach out to interrail. 

The service station of SBB in Zürich cannot help me, since they have no access to online tickets yet. 

Thank you very much in advance! 


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Sorry, but I give you nil chance. Once details/data have been put in-and it seems you have already travelled-no more changes can be made. JUst think: it would open the doors to fraud widespread.

But anyone who stays in the swiss permanent will have some form of ABO or HalbTax or whatever they have there?

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You can contact Customer Support  via this form but they are overloaded with messages and can´t hold currently their target of response within 48hrs.

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If you are a resident of Switzerland then you should have Switzerland as your country of residence even if you are a German citizen.