Ready to buy 7 day pass - departure in 3 days

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi all

I have my itinerary in mind but do I need to specify it when activating the pass (I already checked on the planner and it is feasible)? And if so, do I have the freedom to change itinerary and date of travel date once the global pass has been activated (and trip started) in case I change my mind and provided I will stick to 7 days of travel in the allowed time?

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You don't have to specify your journeys when activating the pass. Also, you don't have to specify your travel days in advance. You can change your plans as much as you like. You can also cancel a travel day, as long as that day has not started yet.

In general, I don't activate a travel day in advance and I only add a journey to my pass shortly before I board a train. That also prevents that you activate a travel day and then forget to cancel it when you change plans.

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In addition: don't rely on the planner in the app. It gets too few updates to be reliable. Instead, use the operators’ own planners. For international planning, use the Deutsche Bahn website/DB Navigator app.