Refund/extension of Eurail pass

  • 23 June 2022
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I have two passes (unactivated) that are stored on my phone.  They were purchased on 14th February 2021.  Due to CVD, they were extended until August 31st 2022 in an email received 6th May 2021.  My wife and I are still unlikely to be able to use them before the extension runs out, but, instead, wish to use them in September 2022.  Would Eurail extend them again, or would we need to apply for a refund and buy new ones?  If I need a refund, the problem I have is that under ‘Cancel your paper Pass’ it says ‘You currently have no orders eligible for cancellation’.  I may add that these passes were bought under the ‘first class offer’, and we paid an extra £23 ‘insurance’ to have them refundable



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Only Customer Support can help you with this. You need to contact Customer Support through this form.

AnnaB. I submitted this form before I posted here. I think I padded my post out quite a bit - I was mainly curious as to why the passes aren't showing up as refundable.....