Refund for activated but unused pass?

  • 13 February 2022
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I am new and still confused what exactly “activating” my pass means. I understand that I have to fill in some more information and that I will be able to change my starting date before said that.

But can I also deactivate the pass again and get the 85% refund if I decide to return it before my starting date?


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It is quite clearly explained in the general info on the site. Once activated, that means you have set up the first day of travel, NO exchange can be made. Before that-depends on what type and if you also buy extra insurance, how much you get back. In any case, this may take a while.

Also: these mobile new passes can be used (activate 1st day) untill 11 monthes after buying. maybe your plans change again-it may be worthwhole.

If you are referring to this: is contradicting itself:


“Refund requests for Rail Passes without a predefined start date (open date Passes), can be granted if such Passes are returned to us unused, not activated, and no later than six months from the last possible activation date of the Pass.”


And then later for mobile passes:

“Refund requests of mobile Passes can only be granted for non-activated Passes. In case the mobile Pass is already activated, but the refund request date is still before the first activated travel day, the Pass can be refunded after the Pass is de-activated. You will get an 85% refund on your Pass, while 15% is retained as cancellation charges.”


So I guess the first paragraph is supposed to only be valid for paper passes?



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first paragraph is valid for both :)

If you wanna cancel a activated (but not used) mobile pass you have first to de-activate the pass via Customer Service. As then your pass is deactivated you can start the refund process until 6months after the last possible day of activation :) 

Means first came Paragraph 2 and afterwards comes Number 1 ;)

As you are from Germany you maybe get your Interrailpaperpass for direct use at any DB Reisezentrum on the Major Stations in Germany :D I still prefer Paper as many conductors arround Europe are still not familar with the new mobile pass :/

@seewulf Thanks mate :) I already got my mobile pass, but I have to say paper pass does sound easier over all. I will give it a try for round two ;)