Refund policy during Covid

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi All,

It is my first time travelling with interrail and I am planning to purchase ticket fro me and my fiancé for the travel during this december (2021)


Our plan is to arrive from Ukraine to Paris and same day take a TGV to Strasbourg. ( arrival to CDG 12:10, departure from Gare de L'Est 15:00)

I noticed that for all TGV you need to reserve in advance, and better to reserve early, however have to reserve no later than 3 hours before departure ( meaning 12:00 )

We are a bit worried Since during covid 19 we had many plans that have changed last minute ( the airline did not allow to board, the customs did not allow to enter the country ( happened to us in Turkey when flying to USA). We have checked all travel restrictions, it should be fine, but we never know and always worried until we land.


Therefore, I would like to clarify the refund policy, since it is written that i can only refund the pass if it has not been activated, however, in order to make reservation - i do need to activate it - correct?


In this case, what happens if i buy the pass, make the reservation on TGV Paris - Strasbourg and somehow by 12pm i figure out i cannot enter France and have to fly home - will my pass be refunded?

Same question in case the flight is delayed and i cannot make it to gare de l'est on time - how do i exchange the ticket in order to go with the later train? will i have enough time to do that? since on the website it is said i have to do at least 3 hours before train departure.


Sorry for maybe quite obvious questions… first time using this pass, a bit confused.


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You don't need to activate your pass to make reservations.

Reservations can be made up till departure as long as there are still seats available. It's just the Eurail/Interrail reservations service that closes 3 hours in advance. The ticket office or other websites usually don't close reservations that early.

Refund policy for reservations depends on the train it is for. Normally the applicable policy should be made clear before you pay. Usually, you can get a refund before departure time or also after departure, although in the latter case, you often don't get all your money back.

Refund policy for the pass depends on what you chose when buying the pass. If it's a discounted/promotional pass, the refund policy is not as good as for a normal pass, although often an upgrade is available to be able to get a refund.

If your flight is delayed and you miss your train, go to the ticket office. They should normally refund your reservation and book a new one. There may also be alternatives that don't require a reservation.

By the way, if your train is delayed and you miss a connecting train for which you had a reservation, then you should be rerouted without any extra costs.

thanks a lot, it makes it much more clearer. So it means i can even reserve the ticket at TGV ticket office with interrail pass, as soon as they have seats available,correct?


Do you know how far in advance i need to activate the pass? can i make reservation way in advance but activate the pass about 2 hours before i use the ticket i reserve?

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Yes you can activate the pass even just 2hours before the train itself.

Note you need a data connection to activate the passes.

Greetings,  Eurorail Community!

I have recently booked a ticket from Vienna to Utrecht (in mid-June).  It’s an overnight train ride and I was unable to get a sleeper car.  I purchased the ticket anyway (in person at the train station). The thought of sitting in 3rd class and spending a sleepless night made me reconsider my plans. Is there any way that I can get a refund for this ticket?

I hope there is a flexible refund policy.  I went back to the train station to the person from whom I purchased the ticket and was given a form to complete.  He was equivocal about the refund, stating that I might not get the full (or any) amount back. 

Your advice would be most appreciated.  I’m a senior citizen and new to all of this.  Looking forward to learning more.  


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Refund conditions depend on where you buy your reservations. If they're the same as the ones ÖBB has, then you can get a full refund until 15 days before your travel date.