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  • 5 August 2022
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Hola, mi duda es a la hora de coger trenes sin reserva. Cuando tienes que apuntar la fecha y hora de los trenes en el pase impreso, al lado pone: « From:  To: »

Mi duda es si por ejemplo tomo un tren de Milan a Pisa, debo poner simplemente el nombre de la ciudad o el del tren. Por ejemplo: Milano Rogoredo o poner simplemente Milano


Mi otra duda es si hago ese trayecto, tengo que hacer dos trasbordos, ¿debo apuntarlos? Es de ir así:

Milano Rogoredo - Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante - La Spezia Centrale

La Spezia Centrale - Pisa S. Rossore

O simplemente poner:

Milan - Pisa


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No, senorita, buenos dias; Every train used has to be-officially-written apart-as it may belong to another company in some countries-and the report is/was mostly meant so that the ferrocariles can check who gets what from the big coffin full of money paid. But in most countries-where there is still just the old behemoth state-railway, they do not take this overly serious. Plus that in the past the written pass had to be sent back for that-now no more, they now use the easy to get IT-data from the fones. But the reasoning behind this is known to insiders and not to the average conductor who has learnt how it has to be done some time ago

Then I´ll write every train for those average conductors

Thanks for the quick answer!