Requested "Budget" 7-day Global Eurail pass in first-class -- but later screens said "second-class"

  • 16 September 2023
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I chose a 7-day Global Eurail Pass, which is called “Budget” (other options were Economy and Premium, the latter lasting a month). I selected the upgrade to first-class. When I got to the Add to Cart screen and later screens, the text said “second class”, though the price remained at the first-class price.

This is very confusing. I can’t tell what I am about to buy. Why is an option listed as first class only to change to second class?



Best answer by Mukhammad 18 September 2023, 10:46

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5 replies

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I believe this is a bug. But in case I'd wait for an answer from @Mukhammad or @Camilo. (Eurail staff) before buying.

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There is no such thing as a budget or premium Eurail pass. Which website did you visit? It could be scam.

The correct website is You only have a selection between 1st and 2nd class and it should look like this:


Thanks for your comment. I am on the Eurail site, and the Pass Finder tool does show the options I showed. I have been told to use a different path to get to the purchases, but this is a bug.

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The pass finder tool doesn't work correctly so don't use it. It will most likely don't give you the correct number of travel days. 

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Good morning everyone! Thank you for flagging this up, we're now reporting it to the relevant team.

As for now, please choose the Passes through as our pass finder page doesn't work correctly as mentioned by AnnaB. I'm sorry for the inconvenience @cameronpowell