• 3 August 2023
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My wife and I have global passes, and are meeting our son, who does not have a global pass and is joining us for only part of the trip. I am trying to make train rez on a train from Budapest to Prague for the three of us, so we can be seated together. The app does not allow me to do this.  Any suggestions?


Chris and Patti 


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The rail planner app can't book reservations.

For this train, you can book on or for €3 in 2nd class. In 1st class, it's free of charge on if you add the Interrail/Eurail discount and then choose "One-way tickets”. Choose 1st class in a separate step.


on it wants to charge us 337 Euros, yet we have two eurail passes.  We are confused, our global passes should get us onto the train. we need an easy way to book a rez for two of us, ( using our global passes) but also add our son, who does not have a global pass.  Please explain again 

thank you


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After selecting the Interrail pass as a discount, did you confirm this for each passenger? Then you should get a price like this.



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If you're seeing such a price, then you probably haven't added the Interrail/Eurail discount for anyone. It doesn't matter whether you have a pass or not, adding this “discount” will result in a normal reservation that can be used by anyone with a valid ticket. It's not intuitive, but that's the way to get a reservation free of charge in 1st class.

You can also use the "Seat reservation only” option, which will always result in a €3 fee per person and train. In 2nd class, that doesn't make a difference because there it's always €3 via ÖBB.