Reservations required? What is included in 1st class pass?


My boyfriend and I will be travelling with eurail for the first time in July. We have a few questions regarding our trip. I have attached some pictures of our route.

  1. Are reservations necessary for our trip if we buy 2nd class? Can we avoid reservation by buying 1st class?
  2. Would it be worth it to pay for 1st class for our trip specifically? The interrail website states that food & beverage may be included, but I can’t find more information on that.

Thank you in advance for the help!

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@1-NO class hardly makes the diff, its the train itself-and IF yes, RES is needed, then for both classes.

As has been told here 100s of times; ESpana as nr 1 by far, then FRance and Italy as 2 and 3 are the most hard and nasty to get REServations needed. Every day we see here people complaining

In fact taking it globally, more trains want anyone to REServe for 1st as for 2nd. So that their valued high paying customers can be sure of seats-and the stinky low graded bekpekkers that used to be the tipical passholder could be removed as much as was feasible.

@2. this in fact is only in GB-and in AT you can access (only with 1st) the lounges in major stations-with some food+drinks (about same as DSB also offers for its frist). Do NOT expect any bisnis-class airline service, just a pale imitation. Also in many countries there simply is no 1st in many more local trains. The add-on surcharges for many overtheborder trips can be much higher though for 1st.

Trevlig resan they say in your neighbour,  but I forgot the danske equiv.

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  1. the screenshot says that most trains do not need, or you only buy a reservation if you want to. You can buy reservations also via the train operator, like,
  2. On your route (on the screenshot) something to drink only in DSB 1st class. And a small chocolate in DB (Germany) ICE.