reservations w eurail pass. how to check without buying / considering buying

hi folks   i found the belgium site

is there any other way to see if there are still reservations for trains 

from say

London to Paris 

or London to Amsterdam in the may 7 or may 8 or may 9  range ? 2023. 

it is important for me to know before i buy a pass if this trip is possible wi eurrail pass /


thank you for reading !!!




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or should i wait until Paris tomorrow   and ask for reservation at station ?   is that cheaper ? 

anybody  ?  reservation once set to Paris or dont get one or  ?   36$  on reservation recommened


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For Amsterdam - Bern in 2nd class, the best is to book reservations via (use "Seat only”). Then it's only €4.50 per person for the whole journey. Eurail is very expensive (€8 per person and train).

sorry  got it thorough

9 euro for 2 people vs 36$


thank you !!!!!!!


hi Folks !

in Nice fr. 

was trying to get Barcelona from Nice.  tuesday. may 23rd.  sold out on Nimes to Barcelona.  any ideas ?    (paris to lillie to brussels was brilliant. thank you for that !!) 

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Yes there are reservation-free options too. You can filter trains on

Here is a fully reservation-free option :

  • TER Nice-Ville - Marseille-St-Charles 08:25 - 11:07
  • TER Marseille-St-Charles - Montpellier-St-Roch 12:22 - 14:27
  • TER Montpellier-St-Roch - Portbou 14:52 - 17:47
  • R Portbou - Barcelona-Sants 19:05 - 21:40 (21:34 city center)

It is a long journey as there are no high-speed railways (except Perpignan - Barcelona)

However the TGVs are not sold out (except the 12:49 TGV from Nîmes). I’d recommend to take this route (even if it costs 27€), otherwise it’ll be very long and exhausting (still doable though) :

  • TER Nice-Ville - Marseille-St-Charles 13:25 - 16:03
  • TER Marseille-St-Charles - Nîmes Pont du Gard 16:23 - 17:35
  • TGV Nîmes Pont du Gard - Barcelona Sants 17:48 - 21:25 27€

You could also leave Nice earlier and stop along the way.

thank you for looking, it means a lot, the TGV is not available both on you eurail  neither or by calling, so I believe it is sold out, or else I will take it, do you have any way to check it?

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The early afternoon TGV is indeed sold out (until Perpignan) but there are lots of available seats on the evening one so that’s truly weird, I’m not able to book it either…

However on (should be exactly the same on I’m able to book seats from Montpellier Sud de France (the next stop), departure 18:17 ! (or even from the previous stop, Valence TGV). Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is a relatively new station… (still strange though).

I’d call SNCF tomorrow again or as you’re surely in France right now you could go to a SNCF ticket counter (they sell them)

thank you, RE, Montpellier Sud de France 


if I booked that and did not have the seat reservation for the first stop, could you see a conductor telling us we could not board the train?, I would assume they easily could tell us not to board the train, but maybe it would be easy enough to stay near the open doors for one stop, what do you think?

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Good question… I don’t think it’d be a problem as the train isn’t full but then there might be gates at Nîmes Pont du Gard (often they’re open anyway). Maybe someone else know the station ?

cool.  maybe rail pass opens the gates or only seat reservation?

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I assume only the seat reservation but I’m not 100% certain.

I guess you better call again SNCF tomorrow or go to Nice railway station

in train.station.  no problem.  50$ for 2 2nd class. thank you !   weird not avail online ?

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Glad that you could buy it !

Yes really weird, esp. as the train wasn't sold out and it was possible from other stations... Will see if the problem appears for other TGVs from this station

Have a good trip !