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Could someone guide me how to reserve a seat with interrail global pass? When does an option open up to reserve a seat?

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There are many ways to make reservations. Please give more details (route, travel date and time)

Thank you, for example

Hamburg-Frankfurt 6th May 4:30am

Hamburg-Prague 26th May 8am


I looked into android app and did not find an option to reserve a seat. I want to travel with a train where I can book a confirmed seat.


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You best make that reservation through DB, either the app or the website. Select "Nur Sitzplatz" or "Seat only", in the English version. 

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If you have a first class pass, you can book these reservations free of charge on add the Interrail/Eurail discount and then select "One-way tickets”. Select 1st class in the second step.

Thanks for your fast replies. It feels so scattered to book the seats on DB-like website. Isnt there any easy way to book the seat in the rail planner app, where I am already managing my passes and travel? Thank you!

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No it is best to book seats on DB.

Seat reservations and pass are completely separate. You can't buy seats in the app. Even those bought on won't appear in the app.

For optional reservations the ticket inspector will surely not care to check your seat reservation. And even when they would ask for one : show the PDF (seat) and QR-code on the app (ticket). It's simple, don't worry :)

Thank you for your kind reply, really appreciate your help!