Rome to Salerno Aug 1st using Global pass

  • 14 February 2024
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Hello, I am trying to book Rome to Salerno roundtrip (same day) for Aug 1st using Global pass. Rail Europe is not displaying options but TrainItalia has one option at 11pm. Does this mean tickets are already booked or is it not open yet?

Another question- I am reading about ticket validation requirements for some trains. How can I validate a ticket in the train station if I have only a digital ticket?


Thank you in advance.


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5 replies

Timetables for August aren't published yet. You need to wait.

There's no need to validate anything for a specific train at the station. The railpass is your ticket; you just need to add the trains in the app.

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To make sure I understood, I need to keep checking Rail Europe, once trains are available to book, I book it providing my Eurail Gobal pass number. After that I add the train details in the Rail Planner app. Did I get that right? Any other steps I need to do?


Thanks again for your valuable input. 

That's totally correct. 

But there's no need to hurry. There's no quota for passholder reservations in Italy and the trains won't sell out that fast. 

Just pay attention when booking. There are some trains going very fast (about 90 minutes) because they do avoid the stop in Napoli Centrale; might be the best ones for a day trip.

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Thank you. That was helpful. Is it easy to cancel/change reservations after booking? 


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Some reservations can be exchanged for free/for a fee. Have a look here (same thing for Eurail) :

Simply make them on the day/a few days before when your plans are a bit more definite.