Seat Reservation and Pass activation in advance

  • 11 January 2024
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Can someone just confirm for me…

Bought my interrail pass today. If I then add my pass to the inter rail app, does it then start the 2 months I’ve got to make my 10 trips. 

Also, do I actually need to book trains, if they don’t have a seat reservation mandatory. Can I just jump in the train and show my interrail pass? I don’t have to book anywhere before hand. I know I can use the Deutsche Bahn app to book just seats when I need to, but I’m guessing I don’t have to do anything other than that, just show up when my trains due, and book a seat if needed?


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You can add the pass to the app but there’s no need to. Stop the process before it asks for a passport/ID number, only do that right before travelling. There’s no need to have an active pass to book seats.

DB can book reservations in Germany and for their trains to neighbouring countries (although not to France as they’re mandatory and DB can’t handle that).

Yes when they’re optional, you can simply log the train and hop on!

Depending on where you’re travelling reservations might be mandatory. Some routes are more popular than others and need to be booked well in advance (Eurostar is one of them). Where are you heading ?

Have a look at

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The validity period will only start if you go through the activation process in the app and select a start date. You don’t need to do that in advance, the only requirement is that you do that before you board your first train.

Reservations optional = not mandatory. So yes, you can just jump on the train. Some seat reservations may still be recommended though.

Have a look here:

And for reservations here: