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We have ‘15Days in 2 months 2nd Class’ Eurail Global Pas. We will be travelling from 

  1. Prague HBF (Prague Hlavni Nadrazi) → Budapest-Keleti
  2. Budapest-Keleti → Vienna Hbf (Wien Hauptbahnhof Vienna)

Seat reservation are optional for both. No reservation allows for change of plan. Reservation ensures seating especially long journey from Prague to Budapest.

Should we reserve seats or not?


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You can also change plans if you have a reservation. Nothing obliges you to take the train you have a reservation for.

Reservations for these trains are €3 in 2nd class or free of charge in 1st if booked on

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When travelling on weekends or public holidays it’s quite reccomendable to reserve, especially on longer distances.

If you just be travelling on a random tuesday in octobre, I wouldn’t do it.


Hi Rvdborgt,

I understand the change of plan is possible if only yoou take a different train on the same day for the same journey but not on a different day and a different journey?

Once again thank you and kind regards.

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I understand the change of plan is possible if only yoou take a different train on the same day for the same journey but not on a different day and a different journey?

Reservations are optional on these trains so you are as flexible as can be. You can go to the station and take any train you like without any plan. The only obligation is that, before you board a train, you have an active travel day and that you have added that train to your pass.

Just don't activate travel days (or your pass) in advance. Only do the activation shortly before you board the first train of the day and you're certain that you will travel that day.


Hi BrendanDB,

We will be taking the journeys in late September. We will make seat reservation irrespective.

Thank you and kind regards.


Hi Rvdborgt,

Thank you. I will ensure no activation as advised.


Seat reservation using Eurail Global Pass for Praha h.l.n to Budapest-Keleti for travel on Monday 25/09/23 at 8:45 am:

  1. At Austrian National Rail (OBB)
    • The service and price details show
      • Our service
        • from Praha to Budapest and change at Wein Hbf
        • Please note - This quote does not cover all
      • Service and Price Details
        • Ticket Already Exists
        • Praha h.l.n to Budapest-Keleti      €6
        • Reservation for 2 adults
        • Wein Hbf to Budapest-Keleti

          2nd class  Valid for RJX 63 on Mon, 25 September 2023 at 13:40

    • I noted further into the booking with ‘Reservation Details’ this notice “

      There are No Services Available for this Section of the Journey

      You will need another ticket for the section of the journey Praha hl.n. > Wien Hbf.

    • It seems to me that the reservation is for Wein Hbf to Budapest-Keleti only. If that is the case - what about the journey leg from Praha h.l.n to Wein Hbf? Does that mean we cannot reserve the seats for that leg of journey from Praha to Wein?

    • Do I have to book it separately?If so, how?

  2. At Czech National Rail (tested using earlier and different dates as 25/09/23 is yet opened for reservation), the reservation fees for two is 291 CZK (equals €12.26 euro) and seems to cover the entire journey from Praha to Budapest as it showed seat reserved on an RJ train and another one for EC train.
  3. It seems to me that at OBB the €6 reservation for two is for Wein Hbf to Budapest-Keleti. You need to book another reservation for Praha to Wein and possibly for another €6 but how?
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Yes on ÖBB you need to book trains separately, it usually can't handle multiple trains.

Either on ÖBB or CD, it should amount to 12€ (4 x 3€)


Hi Thibcabe,

Greeting and thank you.

I searched OBB for journey from Praha h.l.n. to Budapest-Keleti and got the outcome described above.

So should I purchased the Wein Hbf to Budapest-Keleti leg of journey and then start a new search for Praha h.l.n. to Budapest-Keleti again and hopefully I will be able to purchase the Praha h.l.n. to Wein Hbf leg of journey.

Alternatively should I first search for Praha h.l.n. to Wein Hbf and paid for it. Then search for Wein Hbf to Budapest and then paid for that. 

Which way is right? If neither, appreciate your advice what I should do.

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Yes search first Praha hl.n. - Wien Hbf and then Wien Hbf - Budapest-Keleti. You can have the 2 things in your cart and checkout at once

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Pour l avoir fait en octobre l année dernière, vous pouvez réservez si vous voulez avoir l esprit tranquille et ne pas devoir vous lever si quelqu un à réservé la place ou vous êtes. 

Je me souviens que lors des trajets Prague-Cracovie et Budapest-Ljubljana, les trains n étaient pas pleins…

Même que de Prague à Cracovie il n y avait pas le wagon ou nous avions réservé les places... 😂


Hi Thibcabe,

Thank you. Have a nice day.


Bonjour Barbelouille,

J'ai utilisé Google Translate pour cette réponse et j'espère sincèrement que la traduction est exacte. J'ai trouvé une traduction de l'anglais qui s'est avérée très grossière dans ma langue. Donc, s'il y a quoi que ce soit d'inapproprié, mes sincères excuses.

Merci pour votre réponse. Nous réserverons les places pour la tranquillité d'esprit comme vous l'avez dit.

Passez une bonne journée.

(I used Google Translate for this reply and sincerely hope that the translation is accurate. I have came across translation from English that turned out to be very rude in my language. So if there is anything inappropriate, my sincere apology.

Thank you for your response. We will reserve the seats for the peace of mind as you said.

Have nice day.)


We plan to take the 08:45 train from Praha h.l.n to Budapest-Keleti on Monday 25/09/23. If unable, we will take the 10:45 train. Both trains have one change-over only at Wein Hbf.

On OBB website

·       I search our travel dates and tested with other dates for understanding.

·       I selected ‘Eurail/Interail Pass’ as ‘add discount’ and ‘Seat reservation only (no ticket)’ for ‘Find Services’

·       Searching the journey from Praha h.l.n to Budapest-Keleti

o   Seat reservation is available for the Wein Hbf to Budapest-Keleti leg of journey only on 25/09/23 for the two trains of interest to us.

·       Searching the journey from Praha h.l.n to Budapest-Keleti as suggested by Thibcabe, the website showed

o   ‘Ticket not available’ for all trains from 22/09/2023 onwards and you cannot reserve seats.

o   Before 22/09/23, seat reservation was available to 10:45 and not 08:45. Seat reservation was also available for some other trains but never for 08:45.

o   Before 22/09/23 and for a few dates, I saw ‘€6’ in the ‘Fare From’ section suggesting that seat reservation is available. However, the subsequent web page showed that you cannot purchase reservation. By clicking ‘Back’ to return to the previous page, the ‘Fare From’ section now showed ‘Ticket not available’ instead of ‘€6’. That happened with every occasion.

·       Searching the journey from Wein Hbf and Budapest-Keleti, seat reservation for the two trains of my interest and other trains are available with no issue. This is the same as if I entered ‘Praha h.l.n to  Budapest-Keleti’ for the search.

My questions:

1.       What does ‘Ticket not available’ mean?

Does it mean ‘tickets or seat reservations are all sold out for that leg of journey of that train’ or ‘tickets or seat reservations are never available for that leg of journey of that train’?

Does it mean either ‘sold out’ or ‘never available’?

2.       Are there any alternatives for me to reserve seats for the Praha to Wein leg of journey for the 08:45 train on my travel date at OBB or other sites?

If there are, please provide details, as much as possible, particularly on when, where and how.

3.       If seat reservation for Praha to Wein leg of journey for the 08:45 train on my travel date is not possible at OBB but possible at others, should I seat-reserve the Praha to Wein leg of journey at whichever websites that offer that and the Wein to Budapest leg of journey at OBB?

Alternatively, can or should I seat-reserve both legs of journey at the websites that offer both?


I welcome and appreciate any comments and enlightenment, and thank you in advance.


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That train from Prague can be reserved from Czech Rail site for 73CZK (about €3)

Click on passenger and add Interrail/eurail as discount and continue.

As with OBB you can select seats from a map.

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“Ticket not available’ means the website can't book a reservation or ticket. There can be 1001 reasons for that:

  • Sold out
  • Booking not open yet (too early)
  • Booking not possible (not all trains have reservable seats)
  • Connection to reservation system failed
  • ...

Hi AI_G and Rvdborgt,

Thank you both for the response. I will take a look at the Czech Rail again. It reservation opens a bit later.


Have a nice day.