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  • 21 July 2023
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I’m planning to travel from Milan to Zermatt on September 17 to be there for an early morning reservation on The Glacier Express on the 18th. I have a Global Eurail pass and cannot make seat reservations in spite of trying many of the suggestions made. Not sure if Is this a problem I should be concerned about? Or just system glitches. I find the process quite confusing and cumbersome. My schedule is flexible so if necessary could leave Milan a couple of days earlier. any guidance much appreciated.


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6 replies

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Which train are you trying to book? (route, departure time)

It looks like the EC trains Milan - Domodossola - Brig (and further) won't run that day but they still appear in some planners between Milan and Domodossola. So if you're trying to book that train, it will fail.

For Brig-Zermatt no reservations are needed.

@Angelo do you think the timetable Milan-Brig for 17 September is complete on

I’d take any trains that would get me there.  Ive tried most of them on the Sunday and for one reason or another nothing works even on the Saturday. It’s very frustrating! 

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None of the regular fast EC trains are showing for that weekend; Fri, Sat or Sun.

It is possible they are not yet published and will be added in the coming weeks.

Even with normal times you wouldn’t be able to get to Zermatt before 11am from Milan.

At present the regional trains Milan - Domodosola and Domodosola - Brig are listed and you can use these as well as onward connections to Zermatt without any reservations. If the EC trains are added you can reserve on these or just use the regional trains.

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Hi, I do not think that the timetable complete is for any train line in Italy.

Maybe in this weekend there are works on the line and trains get replaced by busses. Local trains till they get the bus timetable are uploded in the timetable, long distance trains wait or do not get replaced often.

thank you all for your comments.  What I gather is that I should not be overly concerned about this. We are booked to stay overnight in Zermatt on the 17th so as long as we can get there that day or even the day before we should be fine. Should I continue to try to make the reservations or wait till I get to Europe in August?  Or will it be fine to do this even closer to our dates of travel, ie September 15?


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August will be fine. One day or two in advance should work too but Sundays (and Saturdays) are busy days even outside peak season…

Worst case : you take the reservation-free regional trains to Domodossola and any train from there.

In any case yes don't worry, you'll make it to Zermatt on 17th September. Do not hesitate to come back here.