Seat reservations - pass not recognized

The most frustrating we’re site ever.
can’t book seats on a specific train, Eurail does not even recognize my Mobile Rail,pass.

has anyone been suceesful in booking and paying for seats on this useless website?


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  1. Which website do you mean (URL)? There are multiple websites to book reservations.
  2. Where does the website not recognise your pass? Could you post a screenshot?
  3. Which train(s) would you like to book (origin, destination, date, departure time)? With that information, people can suggest other ways to book.
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Again someone who has to learn to think a little bit more:

in fact most such cases are from Norte-Americanoś (Canucks included) who are way too early-trains are not planes-in this and also many other respects.

here is an inforamtive page on how to better to REServations by ourself from seewulf. It really varies an awful lot per country