Should I purchase a Pass and then plan or the other way around?

  • 25 January 2022
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EN: Hello, can I buy my Eurail Global Pass and then plan my trips? Or do I have to plan the trips before and then buy the Eurail Global Pass?

ES: Hola, ¿puedo comprar mi Eurail Global Pass y después planificar mis viajes? O tengo que planificar los viajes antes y luego comprar el Eurail Global Pass?


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2 replies

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It´s up to you :)

The Eurailpass is a good mix of flexibility (to change the Route) and money saving :)

The best is two have a Journey in your mind and buy a pass that fit´s best to your journey :) Continouspass or Flexible Pass, From just 4days in one month up to 3month continouss validity are bookable :)

The detailed routes and everything can be planned later :) (Like will i take the 8am train or the 4pm one :D )

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NOte-as you speak Espanol and hence are likely to visit Espana: THAT is the country where a RailPass like EU/INterrail is of rather mixed value-ALL trains need to be booked and you have to pay a sometimes quite high Suplemento and Reservacion for each trip made there. Out of Espana you have to pass France/ia and a bit less but the same applies there. We have seen so many bitter complaints from people about this here. It can be done-but you have been warned.

But you can change your mind till you come at the estacion and see f.e. that a train does not run or an other interesting place.