Show ticket is somrtimes unavailable

  • 20 October 2022
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Sometimes Show Ticket is unavailable (dimmed) for considerable periods of time. This can be a very serious problem if there is a ticket control when this happens. Sometimes it can be fixed by exiting and reentering Travel Planner. There will then be a message that tickets are ‘updating’. This is not good enough as it can cause financial problems. Somebody needs to fix this.


1 reply

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  1. Check if there are app updates. Current iPhone version is 26.0.0; for Android it's 26.1.0. If you have a lower version, then update your app.
  2. Navigating My Trip and My Pass is very slow with a bad internet connection. I suspect your problem is related to this. However, once you have generated the barcode for a travel day (press Show Ticket after adding the first journey), you don't need internet anymore to show the barcode and add additional trains. If you have bad internet, the best is to turn on flight mode. Show ticket should then work instantly.