Some random glitches using Planning App

  • 6 December 2021
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  1. Various cities don’t appear at all, or only appear using alternative spellings :
    A. Neither Fussen nor Füssen (Germany) appear in the app at all - but they do appear in the DB app. I had to add the trips manually.
    B. Nor does Lubeck/Lübeck appear in the app, but Lubecca does. 
    C. Munich can be found using the German or English spelling but not Nuremburg, Cologne, et.
  2. The train company DB runs a bus from Fussen to Schloss Schwanstein, but the driver refused to accept the rail pass and had to pay full fare (but only 2.50 eu each way)
  3. The planning app ignores a connection from Nuremburg to Rotthenburg that goes through Ansback and saves 30 minutes of time - which does appear in the DB app. I was able to enter each leg of that journey as a separate trip. (It was 3 trains in each directions, so six train trips round trip). 
  4. Booking a trip from Munich to Hamburg nearly caused a problem because the planning app automatically went from Munich to the first remote station of Hamburg (Harburg) - which would have put us out a few miles from the main station. I had to specifically put in Hamburg HBF to get the main station - which should be the default - not the Harburg station. 
  5. One thing that is very problematic, is that when your phone does not have internet, sometimes the planning app is frozen. For this reason, I have to always take screen shots of my tickets, as a last resort.
  6. Getting on the train in Marseille France, they have a gate system as you walk toward the train and you need to scan your QR code to get access to the train. I pulled up my pass in the Planning App, but I had to turn the Iphone upside down to allow it to scan the code - and the iPhone would automatically open the Wallet. A line was starting to back up behind me, so again, I had to take screen shots, and use those to scan. 
  7. It continues to be problematic to enter France (or Spain or Italy) via another country where you have a short transfer time, and you need to purchase a reservation - thus making it impossible. (Unless you can get the reservation via Eurail with their service fee). 

2 replies

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  1. You have to use UE for Ü, OE for Ö. Then you will find all the mentioned cities in the railplanner. E.g. Fuessen
  2. The driver was right. Such busses are not included with an Interrail pass. The company belongs to DB but doesn’t participate in the Interrail program. 
    With a Bayern ticket (regional public transport day ticket for Bavaria) you could use the bus without paying extra
  3. Didn't check this, but usually the connections are shown if you change the minimum change time. General advice: check the website of the local railway operator
  4. Well yeah, but you could also see it on the map, that Harburg is not the main station…
  5. I agree, this bug is annoying… happens to me also often
  6. At least on the app the QR seems to work… With a paper pass I couldn’t pass the gates in France this autumn and always had to run behind another person… because often there was no staff around to open the gate (Marseille, Nice e.g.).
  7. This is indeed a problem. Better to plan some time in between or make a stopover somewhere near the border and buy there the reservations for your trip. Or like I did in autumn: just don’t use trains where you need reservations. You can still get around France, will see a lot more than from high-speed lines and don’t have to pay any extra fees ;-)
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  1. That works for German, but in other countries, they may use other equivalents (e.g. in Scandinavia). In my opinion, more thought should be given as to which name equivalents should also be recognised.
  1. It's still annoying that the app doesn't default to Hbf.
  1. @MartinM, did you use the barcode on the pass cover? That is also supposed to work in France. Any barcode on the Interrail ticket itself won't work.