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  • 2 February 2023
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Greetings travellers!

I have an interrail global continuous pass for 2 months and have a plan to separate my travels for each month. I’m wondering if for example I can save my outbound/inbound ride.
For example, my country of residence is Prague. First month of my pass validity I’m going to visit Copenhagen, but I don’t want to use muy 1x outbound ride from Czech Repbulic and save it for later. I’ll just buy a ticket to Berlin by myself and then will take a sleeper to Copenhagen by Interrail pass. Is it possbile?

Thank in advance! 


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3 replies

No problem. This is possible. You may use your inbound / outbound days at any time. Or not at all. 

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It will be a lot cheaper to only book as far as DD=Dresden (DRazden) OR even Bad Schandau, shorter distance, and then you are in DE and not in CZ (Prahy is of course no country). IF you count the koruny, you could even also use a BUS to DD and train from there.

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You just need an extra ticket to the border tariff point, in this case Schöna(Gr). Or a ticket to the first station of your train abroad, if that is cheaper. A ticket to Berlin would be more expensive.