Starting date 2 month first class - the pass already shows validity range

  • 21 July 2022
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I have ordered and installed for 4 persons a 2 month first class Interrail  (order IN30577752) .  I understand that these 2 months start with the first trip you actually book and take,

Once i had installed railplanner I checked if I could take a trip from Paris TGV any time after June 20 , but could not find any seats that could be reserved through the Interrail site for any of the days desired.  So I did not book but had to buy a separate new ticket for that trip for a trip on June 30.

So I plan to use my Global Card when I book for the first time a trip, and  will use it for the first time for a trip from Geneva, Switzerland  on Juy 23.

But in MY PASS the validity is now shown as valid from June 20 -19 August, although I did not book any train until now .   Will that be automatically updated to July 23- September 22 when I book and confirm the first trip for July 23 ? If not, I believe that the instructions given by Interrail is misleding, indacting taht you can decide anytime when  you want to take your first trip.


Jan-Olaf Willums



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There will be no update of the validity of the pass when you make your first travel.

When you activated your pass you had to choose a start date, the first day of the validity of your pass. Once this day has started you can't deactivate your pass. This is why the advice from the experienced travellers is to never activate the pass until just before boarding the first train if your travel.