Summer 2024 Inter-railing plans

  • 16 April 2024
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Hello all, 

Myself and my partner are looking to travel between the following: 

Rome - Isle of Giglio - Pisa - Lake Como - Zurich (and then whilst in Zurich: a day trip out to Lichtenstein and a day trip out to Bern). 

As you can imagine, these train prices will all quickly add up, as they are mostly hours long in duration. 

With this in mind, I thought an EU Rail pass might be a better option, however we are struggling to find where we can check/search journeys between cities that would be included within the pass. 

Does anyone have any insights either a) on whether these journeys would be allowed/included? b) where to check? 

Thanks in advance x 


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With a few exceptions - not relevant to you - Eurail covers pretty much all the trains in Europe.

You can check using the Eurail timetable (select ‘continue without logging in’ if necessary). I don’t normally recommend using the Eurail timetable, because it’s often out of date. But you can verify that the trains are included.

It won’t cover the ferry to Giglio, but it will cover everything else.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay €13 extra to use each high speed train in Italy, and €3 for Intercity.

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A good international timetable planner is But of course it's only as good as the data delivered by the individual operators. For example, the summer timetable (valid from 9 June) for Italian regional trains has not been published yet, so you won't find it anywhere. It will first show up on, probably the end of May.

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With a few exceptions - not relevant to you

Actually, I can think of some trains which won’t be covered!

Some of the journeys from Milan to Como take the airport line, and this isn’t covered by the pass. You can see which ones in the Eurail timetable.

Great, really appreciate these responses, thank you :-D