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  • 10 August 2023
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I am dyslexic and the information on any website is always a little overbearing and I am seeking for an agent to help me with a return trip to Malaga from London which is £900 on Trainline.

This site gives me the impression a Eurail Pass would be cheaper, but I’ve no idea on any restrictions with regard to it’s use etc and would feel more comfortable speaking to an agent to ensure my planned journey & times are covered… The Chatbot is not engineered to identify any neurodiverse keywords and is unable to help me.


Thank you




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31 replies

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@Al_G @AnnaB - thank you and understood…

I have adjusted the train outbound from London to go to Paris via Lille and secured seat reservation on the first two legs (Lon>Lil & Lil>Par). Next is the phonecall for the Paris>Barcelona seat reservation which I’ll try tomorrow, an international call is not ideal and I pray the call does not take quite a while.

Have you tried booking it through the interrail booking portal?

You will only need to phone SNCF if this does not work.

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Just to be certain : have you booked the Eurostar on Sunday 20th August (09:01 - 11:28) for 30€ + 2€ fee ? Now it's not available anymore so it would complicate things.

The TGV Paris - Barcelona may be available on but due to bugs it doesn't necessarily work. Still try there first to avoid the call.

I'd also book Barcelona - Malaga as soon as possible since not many seats are left. Do let us know if something goes wrong.

You've still got a bit of time for the return journey.

Tip : it is not recommended to activate the pass in advance (yellow toggles/QR-code) because once a travel day has started you cannot cancel it. If suddenly you wake up ill, etc. it is lost. Best to activate it right before clearing Eurostar controls.

Thank you all for your support last week, everything is booked, aside from the Spanish Seat Reservations which is the end of my outbound (no too concerned), and the start of my return which could have knock on implications.

Should I be worried or would you expect there to generally be availability.


Also on the Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris via Lille how early should I get to St Pancras for a 7:04 train, is it also worth getting there very early and exploring any availability of a transfer to a direct to Paris train?

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I'd suggest 45 min in advance for all the controls. You'll see that the departure lounge is quite packed especially in the mornings…

Which trains did you not book yet ? If you are fine switching trains in Madrid it probably won't be an issue but if you'd like the direct Barcelona - Malaga, definitely book now.

Thank you @thibcabe I have booked the Barca > Malaga for Monday within the Interrail app, but apparently I cannot seat reserve until 72hrs before the date of travel. This was the information I was told by the train operator on 0034 912 320 320

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Adding a train to the app does not guarantee you a seat.

You are able to book a seat for that train on for 10€ + 2€ booking fee. Book ASAP : about 20 seats are left and it could fill up fast.

The RENFE staff told you that you cannot book by phone until 72h before with them (it's complicated).