Temporary residence in Germany as a student, but Indian natonality

Hello, I wanted to ask which pass (Interrail or Eurail) I should choose if I have temporary residence permit in germany. I’m a student here. Do they check the documents while travelling? And if yes what should I show them: my passport or residence permit?


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EUrail gives you much better value-and cost the same as Inter-as you can also use it unlimited whilst IN DE. However it is not to be used for a daily commute from room to uni, but for normal touristy purpose. With your ID passpt (the usual german paperwork is separate from that) will suffice-and checks of ID etc are quite rare as such-vary a little per country. I did not have any using a 10D in 2 M pass last spring in 10 countries.

ID/passpt should be shown as the nr is printed or in the mobile pass-IF that is different from home country quoted that one should also be able to have sufficient official proof that one lives there.

It is also still possible to buy a paper old style EUrail pass on the spot in some german stations-the ones with major airports and the 3 or 4 largest cities. Google for a list on

Thank you so much.