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  • 30 March 2022
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I am considering buying a global pass 4-days to fulfill my travels. My residencial address is in Berlin.

  1. Berlin - Eastern France (day1)
  2. Eastern France - Paris region (day2)
  3. Paris region - Lyon region (day3)
  4. Lyon region - Berlin (day4)

Nonetheless the way I understand the terms and conditions of this pass, I mainly can use the pass only in Germany, with the exception of two travels: one out and one back to the country of residence.

“Der Interrail Global-Pass berechtigt dich zum Reisen in deinem Wohnsitzland. Du kannst eine Fahrt aus dem Land und eine Fahrt in das Land nutzen. Diese Fahrten können jeweils zu einem beliebigen Zeitpunkt deiner Reise stattfinden”

Is this correct? 

Thanks for giving me some help!



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Your plan shouldn't be a problem. On 2 of your travel days, you can indeed travel in your country of residence.

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Yes, can do. Geht, darf. DO note that IN and to (if chosen dumb) ALL those superfast TGV MUST be reserved-at pretty high additional cost for overtheborder (can avoid if using local trains for that sector=will mean longer triptime). In fact-depending on your status and when you travel, it may be a little cheaper-and less nerve-wracking-to book online normal advance tickets.