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Hello, I`m traveling with my son and got to passes in my app. Our first travel day was canceled because of train delays caused by strike and we hade to fly to our destination. Now I got one used travelday on my trip but on on my sons trip in the app. Thats because I activated my trip and travelday before I discovered that the we couldn't travel with it, but not my sons pass, he's pass is still not used. Can this give me problem when we are going home by train? Summed up: I've got one used travel day and he's got non? (I've got 3 days left and he's got his four.) Grateful for help/Malin 


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This is why you should never activate anything in advance. Not the pass, not a travel day and no inbound/outbound journey. There's no need to do it earlier than when you're in front of the train.

If you still need the travel day, then contact customer support:

Mention pass number and when you need it (a concrete date).

If you don't need that day anymore, then you're fine.

Ok, many thanks for the reply! I will not need that day. I will just be sure of that the app with the to passes will work together the next travel day anyway.