"This date is in the past"

  • 26 July 2023
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Hello. I’m going to travel in Europe next month, but my friend can’t activate Eurail pass.


There are 3 steps to activate it.

But third step, when she chooses the date to start our trip (10/08/2023), it says that “This date is in the past. Please choose a date in the future to start your trip.”


We already contacted customer center but the answer wasn’t precise.


If anyone knows about it please kindly help us.

Thank you.


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3 replies

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When you say "the answer wasn’t precise”, what did they say exactly?

I haven't seen that error before.

We all advise against activating in advance, but testing that it actually works is good (and then cancel activation after the test).

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Are you using the gregorian calendar?


Thank you so much!

It was Japanese calendar that’s why she couldn’t activate it.  

Now we finally can look forward to traveling without any problems!