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  • 13 June 2023
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Good afternoon,
we would like to use the Interrail service, but we are in a particular situation:
our son, who is seriously disabled, is 11 years old; it's me, my wife and the child.
In the conditions it is indicated that up to 11 years of age children do not pay, but also the caregiver does not pay: so should we pay 1 ticket or more than 1?
Thanks in advance for the help.


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3 replies

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You should get in touch with Customer support for this. Contact them directly via this link:

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You should buy one adult pass and add one free child's pass to your purchase, and then contact customer support through the link provided by @BrendanDB to get the second adult pass as a free caregiver pass.

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Hi @Sandro Mazzei 

We are only able to provide a caregiver Pass when a Pass has been bought for a disabled person (with official documentation). in this case, the child Pass has no value, so no caregiver Pass can be granted. 

I hope the information is clearer now. 

Have a nice day!