to and fro from Nuremberg to Munich

  • 20 October 2022
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Hi All,

 urgent help will be appreciated!

I will be visiting Munich for 3 days next week in an exhibition and staying at my cousins place in Nurnberg.

 Will this trip Nurnberg to munich in morning & Munich to Nurnberg in the evening possible everyday for 3 days with Eurail German trail pass of 3 days?

 Please help!





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As long as you qualify for a pass (not living in Germany) then yes it can be used for this.


If these are the only journeys you will make It may be cheaper to just buy regular tickets for the 3 return trips.

Search for your required journeys.


If you can restrict your travel to after 9am on weekdays and only use regional trains a Bavaria day ticket is €26

this would also be valid on local transport (Bus, Tram, U-bahn)

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Fast and sleek ICE trains run 1 or 2 times/hr on this line. TO M-as they come from  north of DE, mostly with heavy delays. There are also ev 2 hrs regional-fast trains, often very crowded, only these you can use with the Bayern dayticket.

Fares for the ICE vary by day and train, check what it would cost first-these tickets are tied to a specific train and you have to wait for it unless it has a very heavy delay.

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A 3 day German Global Pass will cost about 200 euro and allow you to travel on any ICE or regional train. This is a totally flexible option as reservations not needed on ICE trains.
The only thing to beware of is which route your ICE train will be going to/from Munich. The fastest ICE trains take about an hour but some take up to 2 hours ( we found out the hard way a couple of months ago when our ICE from Mun to Nur was delayed and they swapped us to an alternative about to leave - What we expected to take an hour took 2 hours - It actually pulled into Nur alongside the one we were planned to travel on (running an hour late).