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Hi Community Members,

New to the community. Questions:

Using 15 days in 2 months Eurail Global Pass, following queries:

  1. Florence to Rome before noon; then Rome to Rome Airport in the afternoon. Two trips same day - using one pass day or two pass days?
  2. Are reservation fees refundable?
  3. Is a reservation linked to a specific train? What happened you need to take a different train, can you transfer the reservation to another train?

Sorry to the silly questions.


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1. On a pass day (00:00 - 23:59) you can board as many trains as you'd like.

2. Seat reservations are usually non-refundable and linked to a specific train.

Italian high-speed trains often have availability the day before or last-minute.

- 13€ Frecciarossa

- 3€ IC trains

For Italy and many other countries use : add Interrail/Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

The direct train between Roma Termini and Fiumicino Airport can only be used with a 1st class pass (no seat reservations possible). With a 2nd class pass you change at Roma Tiburtina to a regional train (every 15 min)


Thank you Thibcabe for the prompt reply. Greatly apreciated.

Searching connection from Florence to Rome Airport at, the result was ‘ticket not available’ if I entered Eurail Pass as discount (no option to state 2nd class pass) and ‘seat reservation only’ for ‘Find Services’. However, if I entered Eurail Pass as discount (no option to state 2nd class pass) and ‘one way tickets and day tickets’ for ‘ Find Services, it showed €26 (for two) and ‘ticket for section only’ except €26 for a direct Florence to Rome Airport at 7.05 am (without transfer). €26 must be the reservation fee (as I read the cost is €13 per person) and not ticket prices. I am a little confuse and appreciate a clarification.

We are not keen to take 7.05am train because our flight from Rome to Barcelona is at 4:20pm and we have to spend 7 hours at Rome Airport, and 7am is a bit early. We prefer to leave around 11am arriving at Rome Termini just before 1pm and then take train from Rome Termini to Rome Airport just after one.

Thibcabe, you mentioned that “Italian high-speed trains often have availability the day before or last-minute” but I read that reservation is compulsory using Eurail pass on Italian trains (except regional trains) and reservations could run out. We have a plane to catch at 4.20pm from Rome to Barcelona and must get there. I appreciate advice on best journey plan from Florence to Rome Airport.

Thibcabe, can you please elaborate on how to take a train from Florence to Rome airport via Roma Tiburtina?

We made the following seat reservations using Eurail Global Pass and each trip is on different day:

  1. Brussels to London via Eurail
  2. London to Paris via Eurail
  3. Paris to Prague via Eurail
  4. Prague to Berlin via Czech National Rail
  5. Vienna to Venice via Australian National Rail

Are those reservations refundable or transferrable if we are unable on trains booked?

We still have to book the following journeys:

  1. Prague to Budapest
  2. Budapest to Vienna
  3. Venice to Florence
  4. Florence to Rome Airport

Should we make seat reservations? If yes, when and how? All advice is welcome.




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Seat reservations are almost always non-refundable. If you miss the train due to an inbound delayed train, speak to staff and they'll redirect you to the next train at no extra cost.

On you indeed have to select one-way tickets. The 2 x 13€ price is correct. Indeed seat reservations are mandatory on those high-speed trains but they shouldn't sell out a long time in advance as there are trains every 15 min between the 2 cities.

Select Florence - Roma Termini and you'll have all the options. Reservations can't be made between Roma Termini and Fiumicino Airport so simply add the train to the app before boarding and board. If you're directly going to the airport here is the suggested route :

- Frecciarossa Florence - Roma Tiburtina 10:59 - 12:24 13€

- regional train Roma Tiburtina - Fiumicino Airport 12:46 - 13:33

That way you'll save at least 30 min.

In my opinion you could also take the direct train to the airport at 11:48, arrival 14:07 but that is up to you.

Seat reservations are optional on most European trains.

For all your journeys use (same process). 3€ with a 2nd class pass and free with a 1st class pass

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On ÖBB you have to book for the leg that is possible to book a reservation. 

There are one or two Frecciarossa trains that from Florence go directly to Fiumicino Airport. But I don't know the exect time.

But you can take the Frecciarossa like @thibcabesays to Rome Tiburtina and change there to local trains to Fiumicino Airport.

You can change in Rome Termini (main station), but there starts only the Leonardo Express to Fiumicino Airport and you need a First Class Pass. Reservation not possible.


Thibcabe and Angelo, thank you.

I can see the direct train to the airport at 11:48, arrival 14:07 Thibcabe mentioned at the Trenitalia website but not the OEBB website on our travel day (09 Oct 2023). There is another direct train at 7:05 from Florence. OEBB has far fewer journeys than Trenitalia and the only one that suit us are 9:04  from Florence, with transfer or change at Tiburtina, and arriving at Rome Airport at 13.48 in time for our flight from Rome to Barcelona at 16:20. The only problem with the train is that journey takes 4 hrs 44 mins instead of around 2 ½ hours for all trains on Trentalia website (except those trains listed on OEBB). The travel time is nearly double. At Trenitalia website, I can see the train journey (stations and time) for 9.04 am train (same as that listed on OEBB websites). With all the others, I keep getting the message “No travel solutions selected” despite having clicked a ticket type. I am lost.

Seat 61 mentioned buying tickets at Italiarail, TheTrainLine, RailEurope or Trenitalia, but I understand you cannot book seat reservation only on any of these 4 sites. Is that correct? Can I book seat reservation elsewhere instead at OEBB?

Bottom line - getting from Florence to Rome Airport on 09/10/2023 for a flight from Rome to Barcelona at 16:20 (4:20pm) using Eurail 2nd Class 15D/2M Global Pass. What is my best option for seat reservation and how to go about doing that?




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9 October is very far in the future. If a train on that date doesn't appear yet on the ÖBB website, just wait. It won't be fully booked more than a day or so in advance, if ever.


Thank you rvdborgt.


I presume train from Venice to Florence would be the same and need to book seat reservations only few days from travel date. Is that right?

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Yes of course. Trains run hourly between the two so even on the day itself it is possible.

If I have a look at today : all trains are available and that on a holiday weekend.


Thibcabe, Angelo and Rvdborgt.  I truly appreciate all of you taking time to assist me and thank you so much.