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  • 29 November 2022
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Hello, im planning a trip starting Tuesday and ending Friday (march 2023), but i get a constant message in the plan your interrail trip window, saying i need a “5 day travel pass”, but i’m only travelling 4 days.

Do i really need a 5 day pass?

Madrid to Bordeux - tuesday
Bordeux to Paris - Wednesday
Paris to Brussels - Thursday
Brussels to Amsterdam - Friday


Thanks for the help.



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2 replies

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A 4-day pass works fine for that.

I never use that "plan your tour” tool. I do the planning myself :)

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THE glitch MAY be Mad-Brdx: NO direct trenes, need to use Euskotren for some part Donostia-Frontera-pay a few€ and it may mean this causes that glitch= count as 2 where as with speed and early dep. could do in 1.

Also: its for march probably now still too early, but I i highly doubt if a pass is worth it for this (I guess you fly back on Vueling/other? Check fixed booked advance prices. Also-if money is an object-consider BUS-FLix or BlaBla, slower but much cheaper.

IF choose pass-or maybe have bought it with discount (there will be new discount period between Xmas-Nw Yr): AVOID that expensive Thalys Par-Bru and Bru-Ams. The latter has hourly free local trains, Par-Bru can now do without any RES but much slower in trenes regionales via Maubeuge-Charleroi-or TGV only for LIlle,then local BE trenes.

OR make a detour in 1 day TGV  till LUxembourg=you collect another country for free! then hourly local tren to Bru.