Travel days faultly taken

Hey there,
I added a route one day to my trip Because I planned to travel that day but I then decided not to. Nonetheless the system counted it as one travel day and probably added it to the pass even though I didn’t use that day (Wednesday, the 11.05.2022) 
What can I do to get my day back since I didn’t make use of it in my mobile pass


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You can ask customer service.

It's best only to add a journey to your pass and activate a travel day if you're sure you're going to use it. You can cancel a travel day before it starts (midnight CET/CEST). But if you change plans and forget to cancel your travel day, then you lose it, as you have seen.

I normally only activate a travel day shortly before I board the first train of that day.

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The same happens on a paper pass: IF you do not use a day you have already written-way too early-you cannot change it=this means it becomes invalid and you may be accused of fraud if you try to use it. InterRail is rife with all kinds of fraud and deceit they have tried-without the inside knowledge.

But it seems with about all types of public transport and its many various systems that more as half of people refuse to inform themselves before and have to experience it the hard way