Travel from London to Paris to Ben to Zurich

  • 24 March 2024
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      We are travelling from London to Paris to Ben to Zurich. I think a 7 day EURAIL pass would be sufficient as we are leaving from London to Paris on 8/19/24 and our from there going to Bern and from Bern to Zurich on 8/25/23. Does the Eurail pass work within Paris or Bern or Zurich or can this only be used for travel between these cities ? Is it better to just get a 7 day pass oe buy individual tickets from each of these cities (London to Paris, Paris to Bern and Bern to Zurich) ? Thank you!


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You should compare individual tickets vs passes + seat reservations (significant costs on your route). Have a look at :

The pass doesn't cover Paris RER network, nor buses, trams or subways. Those are cheap anyway and it wouldn't be good value to use a pass day.

If you intend to do multiple day trips in Switzerland with the pass, it could be good value. Otherwise I wouldn't say so.

Definitely book well in advance the Eurostar to Paris and the TGV towards Switzerland : end of the Olympics + peak season.