Travel in Italy and then Amsterdam to Paris

  • 22 August 2023
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I am planning to visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam and Paris. 

I want to train from Rome to Florence, Florence to Venice, then fly to Amsterdam and train from Amsterdam to Paris - all within one month. 


I am hoping someone can help me in which pass will work the best for me 😄


Thanks so much!


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When are you planning to travel?

Probably a pass won’t be your best option, as advance tickets will be way cheaper than a pass + reservation cost.

Should you choose to go entirely by train from Italy to the Netherlands a pass already makes more sense. (Rome-Florence-Venice-(maybe add something Switzerland for good alpine views) - Paris - Amsterdam - (Fly back to Australia from Schiphol) will make better sense. Count the amount of days you’ll be taking longer train rides and choose a pass accordingly. Probably will be cheaper than seperate tickets and squeezing a flight in between it.

Get them at the websites of the rail companies or a website like

(Italy: Trenitalia, Thalys (soon Eurostar red) for fast trains Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris)