Travel through country of residence without visiting it

  • 28 March 2022
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I am courrently planning my interrail trip, but I’ve got I problem.
I want to travel from Rotterdam to Copenhagen, but the problem is that i have to travel through germany, which is my Country of residence. Therefore I need to use one of my out/inbound tickets or is there any other possibility? Because I don’t want to use my in/outbound ticket for a trip where I don’t even visit my country.
Thank you for your replies.


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Travelling through Germany will mean using one of your inbound/outbound trips. You only have 2 of those. If you plan to travel i your country of residence on more than 2 days, then you should check which 2 days would be most expensive and use Interrail for them. For the other day(s) you'll have to buy extra tickets.

If you're planning to travel to Norway, there's now also a ferry (3x/week) from Eemshaven (north of Groningen) to Kristiansand. No Interrail discount though.