Travel within Country of residence with Eurail pass

  • 16 June 2022
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I am a non-european citizen with Italian residence permit. My family is coming to visit and we wish to travel through Switzerland,  France and in Italy using the EU rail pass. 

My question is if I am eligible to buy an EU rail pass even with an italian residence permit and travel within Italy? Or am I obligated to buy an interrail pass? (but won't be able to travel inside Italy due to the inbound/outbound rule?)


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5 replies

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As an Italian resident you should buy an Interrail pass, but if you have a non-European passport, no-one will ask any questions if you buy a Eurail pass. It is up to your conscience if you buy a Eurail pass. 

Thank you for your quick reply.

The website of Eurail/Interrail vaguely suggested that I have a choice to buy an Eurail pass or Interrail pass if I am a non-European with residence permit within Europe. That's how I got confused.

"An Interrail Pass can be used by European citizens. Non-European citizens can use a Eurail Pass instead.

If you’re not a European citizen, but a resident of Europe, you can also use an Interrail Pass."

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I see your confusion. I guess this means that you are fine travelling with a Eurail pass.

I don't know if there is a difference in price between Interrail and Eurail passes, but from a travel point of view, the Eurail pass is better as you don't have to bother about the Outbound/Inbound rule. 

I guess the prices are almost the same, thanks for your answers! I would buy an EUrail pass in this case!!

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In the PAST EUrail was much more costly-and also for those after junior=>26 ONLY as 1st cl-and they were never valid in UK. But about 3 yrs ago this was all made same.

In fact someone with EURopean passpt who lives f.e. in Nihon=Japan, can buy EUrail and thus tour its own country (f.e. to see the family spread around), but this will often lead to searches and questions.

In fact-even more strange: some people from GB-railfans, trainbashers (they want to ride the whole system in UK) have been known to settle for 6 monthes ´on the continent´ and then have proof to use InterRail for much, much less as it would cost when buying tickets in UK.

Kon nichi wa!