Traveling in my own country with global interrail pass

  • 6 March 2022
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I am from Paris. I am going to London then Liverpool from March 26th to March 28th. As I used my outbound and inbound journeys, I was wondering if it was possible to travel in my own country (France) and use my interrail pass in April (my pass is valid from March 26th to April 25th) ? Or can i only travel in my own country between my outbound et inbound journey ? 

I can book tickets on the interrail website for a round trip in France from April 14th to April the 17th but can I be sure that I’ll be travelling in good standings ? 


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When you already used your outbound and inbound journey you can´t travel anymore within your HomeCountry as you can travel only on two traveldays in your Homecountry 

A Globalpass is usually not valid in your HomeCountry except for these two traveldays. 

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Note: if you look at the money: this €* is quite expensive in supplmt, so if you only do this train you might consider simply getting a normal ticket-just check the prices for that. OR-noone ties you to trains, you can also use a much cheaper BUS (blabla, flix) or fly-not just to LON but any UK city.

You have to look yourself what is best value for money. IN the UK trains tend to be very expensive, so then using a pass is usually best.

But IF you have booked this €* already, then its too late and you have to look at cheap fares on SNCF or again bus/fly for next trips to visit more countries. Be aware-we have told it so many times, that ESpana is not very easy to travel around with a pass, due to always REServing and paying extra. Germany and Swiss/Austria are far better in that respect.