Traveling in the country of residence

  • 24 May 2022
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Hello dear 

will my pass still be active if i use the out and inboard ticket?

i mean will I still be able to use it in other countries or it will be expired


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3 replies

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You are free to travel as much as you like in all countries except for your country of residence even if you have used the outbound and inbound travel day.

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I can see that you are from Germany. I guess that you have heard of the 9 EUR ticket for the summer which you can use for additional trips in Germany once you have used the outbound and inbound travel days, if you don’t use ICE and IC trains. I guess that you have a continuous pass. Otherwise it is better to use the 9 EUR ticket than the outbound/inbound days and use the travel days outside of Germany.

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Additionally, you can use the inbound and outbound journeys anytime during the validity of your pass. IIt does not have to be at the beginning and the end and your pass does not become invalid after you have used the inbound journey.