Traveling with family using Global Pass

  • 28 July 2023
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We are traveling from London to Paris and then throughout Germany. I have not bought our passes yet and have a few questions - 

  1. Where it says seat reservations required with an amount, is that the extra amount we will pay to ride that train on top of the global pass, correct? 
  2. We cannot use the Global Pass throughout London and Paris, correct? We are only stay a couple of days each there and I assume using the city transportation.
  3. If I am using the app and I check ‘Interrail/Eurorail Pass network only’ then I can see the exact trains we can use this for, correct? It’s showing I can use it throughout Germany, correct? 

Thank you!!! 


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  1. If you mean the amounts in the rail planner app: this is what you'll pay when booking through Eurail, so often a bit too high (it includes booking fee). Regard them as guiding values.
  2. The pass is not valid in the underground/metro and in/around Paris not in the suburban trains (RER) either.
  3. Correct in principle, although the rail planner app is not very reliable for timetables. Always verify with the operator. or the DB Navigator app is much more reliable.
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Please note that the Eurostar to Paris requires a seat reservation (30€). It is a very popular route and those trains have a passholder quota. Evening trains generally have more availability.

Book well in advance and check availability here :

If trains look to be full, mention travel date and we'll help. Check London - Lille as well.

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  1. The global pass is effectively valid on “national” train routes, but not urban ones.  As a result of this, some intra-city routes are covered in many cities.

Your best bet is to put the route you want to travel into the app and select the ‘Interrail/Eurorail Pass network only’ option.  If it gives you a route then you are covered.

For example, in London you can travel from London Bridge to Kings Cross/St. Pancras in a number of ways.  Some of them are covered by the pass, some are not.  You can go on the Northen line of the tube, but this won’t be covered.  Or you can go on Thameslink and it will be covered.