Travelling across Europe

  • 14 November 2023
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My husband and I are planning on travelling across Europe for 1 month (Dec - Jan). 

What pass do you recommend for the following itinerary?

Should we buy a EURAIL pass for the international trains and a local train pass OR day trip tickets to travel within cities?

  1. 6 days Zurich (Switzerland)
  2. Zurich to Zermatt (day trip return)
  3. 3 days in Prague (Czech Republic)
  4. Prague (Czech Republic) to Krakow (Poland) - International 
  5. 3 days in Krakow (Poland)
  6. Krakow to Auschwitz (day trip return) 
  7. Krakow (Poland) to Vienna (Austria) - International 
  8. 4 days in Vienna (Austria)
  9. Vienna to Hallstatt (overnight and then return trip)
  10. Vienna (Austria) to Budapest (Hungary) - International 
  11. 4 days Budapest (Hungary)
  12. 4 days Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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2 replies

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My guess is that a pass will work out cheaper than point to point tickets, since you have some long journeys in there. But there’s only one way to tell for sure, and that’s checking prices separately.

Unfortunately that’s a lot of work, using quite a few websites.

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For the schedule you have, definitely stick to the pass. The flexibility will be golden and prices around Christmas and New Year very high, make sure to reserve end of December/Beginning of January.