Travelling by train without it being deducted global pass days. Is that possible?

Hello everyone! I would like to know if there is a time when you can take the train without it counting as a day of the Interrail Global pass? 


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All days (00.00-23.59 CET) when you board a train using the pass for a 100% discount on the ticket price is a travel day. 

If you on a day only use the pass to get a discount on the ticket price for a train or ferry, that is not a travel day. This is only relevant if you have a flexi pass.

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In SOME areas in the big continent of EUR are-sometimes- some railways or local transport that may offer FREE service-but then to anyone. Thus-then+there you can go without using passdays. F.e. on FRi in Salzburgerland in AT=Austria till september.

It seems tipical that its always the FRench who ask about this-but in fact in a very few other countries-which are not interesting at all for most tourists-you can get passes for free travel-bring foto, documents + more (translated school inscription in the local language)