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  • 24 June 2023
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I’m an Italian traveller and I have a question on how to travel in your own country: on the website i found that “you can use one travel day to leave your country of residence (outbound journey) and one travel day to return (inbound journey)”. But that’s my question: We strart our journey from Milan and we want to reach Munich, but we have to change train in Verona. Can we do this thing or we can only book one train? 


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3 replies

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It is badly worded on the website.

On 2 of your pass days (not extra days) you can take as many trains as you'd like in your country of residence.

So your journey is entirely possible.

I also have a similar question about inbound. 

Arriving back to Norway, country of residence, from Sweden to Oslo, on Tuesday evening. Can I use the last day of the pass on Wednesday to get across Norway to travel back home? Or does Sweden to Norway already counts as inbound journey?


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Tuesday counts as an inbound journey. But if you live quite far from the border, contact customer support and they may allow you an extra inbound/outbound day (of course you need to have a pass day) :