Travelling with a friend who starts and ends the trip from a different city (same country)

Hi, my friend and I have purchased the interrail ticket (global pass) but our outbound/inbound journeys are a bit different since we live in different parts of italy. I've read that to add travel buddies you need to have the same trip. So my question is:

How can we make reservations together (i mean: having seats close to each other), if our trips are a bit different?

I'll explain better: we will meet in Milan, but to reach that city we will take different trains (me from south italy, her from north-west italy).

After Milan we will take the same trains (milan-zurich-amsterdam-rotterdam-amsterdam-frankfurt-basel-colmar-basel-milan. Some of those trips have mandatory reservations).

Then at the inbound journey, after reaching Milan, we will take different trains to come back to our homes. 


is there an online way to book our spots, on those same trains, close to each other?


Hope I've explained in a good way,



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For reservations done via Interrail, you can add travellers to one trip to book together, see this page.

However, Interrail have a booking fee of 2€ per person and train and optional reservations in/via Germany are much more expensive via Interrail since DB has only one fee per journey and not per train.

Online reservations for day trains in Italy or Italy to Switzerland can be made via ÖBB using these steps, also for multiple persons. No booking fees.

Within Switzerland, reservations are a waste of money.

In/via Germany, reservations are optional, except for night trains. Day trains (IC / ICE / EC) can be booked for 4€ per journey via DB (choose Seat only).

Within the Netherlands, reservations are not possible.

For Basel - Colmar, just use one of the reservation-free TERs.

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You CAN in fact do this whole trip without using REServations, these are only Mandatory for the trips in/out of Milano if diretto to the svizzera-but if you use the TreNord locals till Chiasso or so and change there into the other treni, the rest can be done without-which does not mean this is always advisable.

If you mean the direct overnight RailJet Zu→ Ams then this yes, always has to be REServed-not the daytime trains (ICE from Germany)