Travelling with Global Pass

  • 14 June 2021
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Hi all,

I am planning to travel with Interrail mobile Global pass and this is my first time to use it. Is there any things I should be aware/concerned when using it? Any advide would be appreciated


4 replies

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You should take care of it very well. 

Try not to use a pen that may stain it.

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Check if the train your a intend to take needs a reservation or not :) Otherwise you have to pay a fine in case of italy quite high (up to 100€) 

Looking forward to Europe travel when I am certain the Covid coast is clear.  Have taken several ocean voyages.  Except for Switzerland and Ireland where we traveled by rail,my other European contact has been by ship.  Other countries visited have been Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Egypt, Greece.

I thought I was continuing to fill out the application.  My response to Maria T Salamance and seewulf is thanks for the information.