Trip created in error/unable to attach passes to real trip

  • 13 June 2022
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I downloaded the App on my phone - App then asked me to create a trip, thought i needed to add each leg of the trip as “My Trip” but have since learned that i don’t (ie. Paris to Colmar) I created a new trip for our overall trip (Europe 22) however the app won’t let me add my passes to the Europe22 trip only asks for a paper pass number and we have the electronic pass and doesnt accept our electronic pass number.  I also can’t delete the previous individual trips (Paris to Colmar) where our passes are attached.  We don’t travel until August 2022 - is there a way I can:

  1. Delete the inidividual trips where our passes are attached without it deleting my pass? No tickets have been booked here
  2. How do i attach our passes to the Europe22 trip i created

Thank you so much for any assistance


Best answer by rvdborgt 14 June 2022, 01:06

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Just tried it again and it worked this time-thank you rvdborgt :)

I tried as you suggested however i get an error message saying i need to contact customer support :(

Thanks for trying.    Theresa

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In the Mobile pass FAQ, I read: "You can change the trip your Pass is connected to up until you activate your Pass. Once your Pass is activated, you can’t disconnect a trip or connect a different trip.”

Have you already activated your pass? In that case, you should first deactivate it (cancel the first travel day).