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  • 2 September 2022
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We’ll start using our 3-month global passes soon and I’ve set up a Trip with journeys - how do I share this with my partner’s phone? The dropdown only lists Edit / Duplicate / ShowInWidget. 

And where does this widget appear after creation? Nothing shows up on the home screen. 


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4 replies

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You'd better not use the rail planner app to plan because it is not reliable. It doesn't get enough updates. Planning is best done using national websites or apps. For international planning, the Deutsche Bahn website or DB Navigator app is a good choice.

I’m not trying to plan - I will be travelling with my partner and have added several train journeys to the first travel day in the app, and apparently the app allows me to share ‘My Trip’ with her to automatically copy these to her mobile - but how? 

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If you open your trip and tap on the + at the bottom right, then there's an option "Share as link”. I think you should be able to use that.

Thanks, I missed that somehow!