Trying to plan trip to see which ticket I should purchase.

  • 12 October 2021
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I am traveling from Bergen, around to Voss, Gudvangen and back to Flam (2 days on train). However, having problems locating the train station for Voss and Flam probably because it is the Flam Railway. Then we are traveling to Oslo (3rd day). The next day we are heading to Stockholm Sweden (4th day) however we are staying 2 days in Sweden. Then heading to Gothenburg (5th day) and to Copenhagen (6th day). Then heading to Odense Denmark (7th travel day). Finally traveling to Westerland (Stylt Island) having problems locating this train station. It would be our 8th travel day.  After Stylt we will head to Hamburg, Germany where we will be renting a car.  The problem I am having is locating the train stations in Norway (Voss and Flam) and also on Westerland (Stylt Island). I also am not sure if I have to purchase a ticket for my Service Dog. It looks like I need to buy a half price ticket in Norway, which I might can do when I get to Norway.  I also looked up the Norway Train to make sure they accepted the Eurail which they did but not sure how to purchase my ticket.  Can anyone help? 


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Hi Susanne,
The address of the Flam railway station: A-Feltvegen 11, 5743 Flåm. For a map, have a look here: 
Voss train station is situated in the middle of the town at Stasjonsvegen 5, 5700 Vossevangen. 
Westerland train station is located here: 25980 Sylt, Germany

Whether an extra ticket is required for your service dog varies per train carrier. Therefore, we advise you to check it with the trains companies you are planning to travel with. If a ticket is needed, you can purchase it on the train station. 

Your Interrail Pass can be bought online through our website. Here you can check which railway carriers are covered by our Pass per country. Using our timetable, you can see if an extra seat reservation (next to you Pass) is required. You can purchase the reservation through our website by adding them to cart, directly from the timetable. For alternative ways of booking your reservations (like at the station or railway carriers website), you can have a look here, for a list per country. 

I trust this helps. If there is anything more I, or other members of this community can help you with, do let us know. Cheers