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  • 29 October 2021
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I had a problem with my interrail tickets and I still haven't found a solution.  On October 23, I bought an Interrail ticket for Italy with my friend.  But I could not use my interrail ticket.  Because when I want to buy a ticket between the places I have chosen in Italy when I log in to the application, I get an invalid warning in this country.  Then I realized that the money was refunded to my card.  Since my friend did not have any problems with his card, I bought an interrail ticket from his card once again.  But again I faced the same problem.  Yesterday, I received a refund request for the ticket I bought from my friend's card regarding this issue.  But when I checked my account activities for the first Interrail ticket I bought, I noticed something.  In the first transaction I made, money was withdrawn from my account twice and only one was refunded.  I had to deal with this problem my whole trip and I was really tired.  I am also a student and had to end my trip because my vacation was over.  Because of this problem, I had to make extra expenses such as accommodation.  I request that my money be returned to my account and the problem resolved as soon as possible.


Pass number: 6V8XXX


And also I contacted with email but anybody did not respond my emails. Please answer me with my email adress.

Moderator note: Part of your order ID and Pass number have been removed.


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This is just the help community you may fill this form :)

This Community is supervised by few Eurail Staff members like @Nanja  or @Leo  they can forward your issue to the correct department in Eurail but are only online here at business hours

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Hi @Oznur, I see my colleague Leo got back to you on Saturda. He fully refunded the order IN30XXXXXX. As with the previous order, you should receive another credit note soon, please allow a few days for the amount to be reflected in your account. Cheers, 

Thank you , Nanja. The problem solved.